World Wild Web

“Welcome to the Information Superhighway! With Icosahedron as your totally radical guide to the WORLD WILD WEB, you’ll be surfing through cyberspace in a flash! Hyperlink your way from synthpop jams to bleep-bloop bangers as you visit a homepage for really cool skeletons, check up on the news, and learn about the marvels and mysteries of science. You’ll go from ‘net noob to web wiz in no time!”

It’s my record label debut, and what a pleasure it was to work with Needlejuice Records. The album’s production started way before CAD even released, and it wasn’t the best sounding… that was until Olliz arrived! Thanks to having money to spend on the album, I could hire Olliz to help produce and mix the album. This proved a very smart decision as it makes the album stand out way further than the music before. And to add onto that, the albums mastered by Angel Hair Audio, so it really couldn’t have sounded any better!

It also gave me more customization with the physical layouts, just look at those cassettes and CDs, so sexy…

It’s currently my latest release so definitely check it out first, and buy a copy from Needlejuice Records so I can avoid the minimal pay of Spotify and other streaming services!

Purchase it below!