Who is Icosahedron?

Icosahedron is a cool fella with many friends. Paired with a few key-based instruments, occasionally stringed instruments, Icosahedron is unstoppable, intangible and inevitable. Icosahedron's intentions, although unknown, are presumed to make (or ruin) your decades with brain-desolving music that cannot be defined into words. Each album always has a unique style to it, whether it's synth-pop, alt-rock, new-wave or any other genre with hyphens. Icosahedron is often enjoyed with a side of concern and distress.

What music is there?

Funny that you should ask, Here is a list of all of my releases:

Any free MP3s?

Yeah, knock yourself out.

Can I contact you?

Yeah sure. I can usually be contacted through the social media here:
If it's a more professional matter, you can email me at: mgmt@icosahedron.pizza