Computer Assisted Disaster

The first album I released, and my first attempt mixing and mastering (and it sure does show!). Wrote practically directly after Bee Haven, but with a few new instruments, and a better understanding of Ableton as a software.

It was also made during a second CoVID lockdown, which meant 2/3 of the videos produced had to be done alone and at home. The tracklist has many highs and lows, from Graphical Calculator to My Bedroom to Ping Pong.

A few songs were written on a toy keyboard for some fresh inspiration, a technique I still use in the present day, as well as a few bits of software I still use to record new songs.

The album didn’t take long to record, but took a while to release, so I was able to host pre-orders that actually arrived on release day, which was a lovely event for me.

CDs are still available but I do plan to reissue them on digipak, same as Bee Haven.

A CD of Computer Assisted Disaster, Kunaki made.

Purchase it below!